Neighborhoods surrounding Flag Pole Hill are home to wildlife outside the urban norm — horses, peacocks, coyotes, red-tailed hawks, bobcats and wild pigs, to name a few.

A feral pig dines on leaves, grass near White Rock Lake.

Wild pigs? That’s a relatively new one, you might say  (though NBC 5 did recently run a story about their reign of terror in Fort Worth).

Sure enough, Lake Highlands dweller Bill Bryan, who rides his bike to work at Southern Methodist University three days a week captured a pic of this little piggy near the bridge gate on West Lawther  near Northwest Highway. “The pig was not afraid of me,” Bryan says. “After a long stare, the pig walked into the woods. Interesting neighborhood.”

Indeed it is, Mr. Bryan.

If you’d like to learn more about feral hogs, there is plenty to read on Texas Parks and Wildlife’s website.

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