Disorganization gave Forest Hills resident Molly Mandell the idea for her first book. “Mom’s Sock Is Missing” is a clever children’s story that follows a boy on the quest for, as the title indicates, a missing sock. It comes with six pages of ready-made lesson plans for a variety of subjects — science, social studies, physical education and math. The pre-k and gifted-and-talented teacher concocted the idea from her own desire for such a teaching tool. When a teacher is in a bind and needs a quick lesson plan, it’s all right there in the book. Mandell first wrote the story while earning her bachelor’s degree in children’s literature. “The end-of-the-year project was to write a book,” she says. “In the years since college, I have kept coming back to it because I loved the idea of having a lesson ready to go.” Mandell had never illustrated a book or anything else before, so the project became a learning moment for her, too. “I just started doodling, and I modeled the little boy in the book after my biggest supporter, my husband, Sammy,” Mandell says. Ultimately, she says she would love to have a series of children’s books. “My next book is going to be about the adventures of my dachshund, Ricky, prior to finding me.” Mandell received Ricky from a couple at a Little Forest Hills Memorial Day Parade. They had rescued the adorable buck-toothed and bow-legged creature while he ran back and forth across Garland Road. “Ricky has even jumped out of a car window before,” Mandell says. Now that’s a children’s book character we look forward to following.

Email mollymandellauthor@gmail.com to purchase copies of the book.

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