The Victim: Terry Ahrens
The Crime: Burglary of a motor vehicle
Date: Tuesday, May 10
Time: Between 4:45 p.m. and 5:45 p.m.
Location: 3400 block of West Lawther

Terry Ahrens likes to stay in shape, and enjoys getting outdoors to do it­. He’s a cyclist and has competed and trained for more than 10 years. Staying in shape has become a way of life, and one of his favorite spots to ride, like many athletes in the area, is the trail around White Rock Lake.

On May 10, Ahrens pulled up to White Rock Lake Park just as he has done many times before. He got out and hopped on his bike, cruising off around one of Dallas’ most beautiful areas for a ride and workout. It was a relaxing way to spend a spring afternoon.

“I was bike riding and normally park in the same spot,” Ahrens says. “I went around the lake twice and then noticed that my window had been broken.”

Glass was everywhere, and he dismounted his bike to survey the damage. A backpack was gone. Unfortunately, it contained his iPhone, sunglasses and health club membership. The loss amounted to about $1,100, and replacing everything was quite a hassle.

“It’s kind of scary,” he says of finding his car burglarized. “My extra set of keys was in the bag. We changed all the locks on the house. That was kind of expensive, too.”

Dallas Police Sgt. Keitric Jones of the Northeast Patrol Division says crime is rare around the lake, but residents should take proper precautions.

“We have bike officers patrolling the lake around the clock. Therefore crime is not very common around the lake itself,” he says. “However, leaving a backpack in plain sight in a vehicle just makes it easy for a thief to take advantage of the opportunity.

“Just like anywhere in any city at anytime, we want everyone to be aware of everything around them. The important thing to remember regarding vehicle break-ins is that it only takes a few seconds to break a window and get into the vehicle. So leaving items in plain sight makes it too easy for someone looking to take your property.”


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