Opera kids living in the neighborhood

The little people in a grand-scale opera performance have big things in their future — that’s what I predict after meeting them, anyway.

Attending the Dallas Opera, or any elaborate stage production for that matter, my mind sometimes wanders beyond the main characters and stars to the supporting cast, the choirs, which often contain children. I wonder if the actors and vocalists with the small parts have to work as hard as those who get all the glory. When something is as beautifully choreographed as, say, Boris Godunov, I know the answer must be, yes, they have all put a ton of time into this thing.

For the May Advocate story (Small) Sopranos, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing four young girls from our neighborhood who have been in the cast of several major operas. Backstage after  the show, for the most part, they behaved as regular kids — making “toot” sounds with their armpits, giggling wildly, chattering steadily, belting out Miley Cyrus tunes and slightly terrorizing our photographer Benjamin, but on a mom’s cue, they stood straight and delivered a most gorgeous and hearty song from the Russian opera. It was an amazing transition.

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Look for these girls in the future. With these looks, personalities and talents, there is no way they won’t be in some spotlight somewhere.

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