Garage sale permits now available online

It’s now more convenient for folks to get a garage sale permit, so will they do it?

When I was writing earlier about a neighborhood garage sale event in an area just north of Lakewood, I was reminded that the City of Dallas, since October, requires a garage sale permit for households hoping to make a few extra bucks via a yard sale. These days, unlike when Rick Wamre wrote about it back then, you can purchase the permit either online or at your closest Dallas Public Library.

I wonder if people actually know about this. I seldom host garage sales, but have of late been plotting one with a family in the Lochwood area for later this month. Our conversations and plans never included “get a permit”. I’m guessing that a lot of folks are conveniently ignorant about the permit thing, or they just hope to get away with it.

In my kind of garage sale, $15 is like 5-10 used-clothing transactions and the accompanying haggling. Ugh.

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  • CitizenKane

    Did Angela Hunt vote for this idiotic thing?

  • CitizenKane

    Yep; all part of big government nannies protecting and enhancing our lives.

  • Dallasm

    I know why we need garage sale permits. Its for people like the owners of the house on Greenville and Elsworth that have a “Garage Sale” every single week.

    If people just followed the common sense we wouldn’t need stupid regulations like this. But too many people don’t, so we do.

  • JJ

    Interesting that the only sign you are allowed is the one in your yard. $15 would be about 10% of my profit!