Forget clowns — give this boy a trash truck

Jake Robertson, 3, is obsessed with garbage trucks. So the city of Dallas let him borrow one for his birthday.

Jake Robertson is obsessed with garbage trucks, says his dad, Rob Robertson of East Dallas. Garbage pickup days are the highlight of Jake’s week. The nanny takes him to the lawn on trash days just to watch the truck in action, Rob says.

So forget the clowns and bounce houses — when it came time to plan Jake’s third birthday party, his mom, Diana Robertson, contacted the City of Dallas and asked for a dump truck.

The people at the Sanitation Department seemed sort of amused by the request, notes Diana. “Nobody had ever asked for something like that before, I guess,” Diana says. After some discussion, it was determined that a recycling truck would be more beneficial, less smelly and just as entertaining.

“I was really impressed that the city was willing to do it,” Diana says. Danielle McClelland of Dallas Sanitation Services Department worked closely with the Robertsons to make the recycle-truck party, which even included a presentation, possible. The city’s cooperation wowed parents and partygoers, but none were as happy as birthday boy Jake.

The photo above tells it all, as he rejoices in the arms of Grandpa, Doyle Robertson.

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  • Rob Robertson

    A huge thank you to the City of Dallas for making this possible and to the Advocate for stopping by and sharing the City’s contribution. Rob