Former Campisi’s guys will open Atomic Pie

Two former Campisi’s guys will soon open Atomic Pie — a pizza place that will also serve White Castle-style slider burgers, salads and wings, to name a few — at Walnut Hill and Audelia, a little north of White Rock, but maybe worth the trek.


Chris Schwab, one of three owners says we should know an exact opening day within the week. Schwab, a former Campisi’s staffer is partnering with Tim Cole, a former general manager at Campisi’s and Craig Allen to open the restaurant that will have an American rather than Italian feel and which, he says, will be very reasonably priced.

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The thin-crust pizza will ring familiar with Campisi’s customers, but the eatery won’t resemble the East Dallas staple in too many ways.


“We are definitely going a different direction with some of the food,” Schwab says.


The decor will be nostalgic, with an “atomic era” feel (see “take cover” image on their web site).


He says he’s excited to be opening in an area where the people “seem to have been waiting for this kind of thing.”

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  • John

    I don’t know where these guys got the notion that radiation is nostalgic. They’re too young to have lived through Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the Cold War (as I did) and be terrified when the teacher cried “Duck and Cover!” — and you went scrambling under your desk… The current situation in Japan demonstrates the horror that the atom can unleash, and I certainly would not want to be reminded of it while I’m eating. A regrettable choice for name and decor.

  • Don

    We stopped in on Atomic Pie for lunch on Friday. The store-front pizza parlor has been open a mere 2 weeks, and to our surprise we observed a brisk volume of noonday traffic. We soon learned why – it is the pie! My wife and I ordered up personal pizzas, hers with Canadian bacon, onion & Italian sausage, mine hamburger & jalapeno. The pies came out fast and hot with robust thin crust and the toppings were perfectly balanced and delish. I was offered a taste of the Sliders & fries, both remarkably good. We will be back soon for more pizza and a full order of Sliders

  • Karen

    Hooray! So excited that Tim Cole is opening his own place! He deserves it! He is a great guy! We can’t wait till it opens!

  • Julie

    I went all through the shopping center where Chase bank (Walnut Hill/Audelia) is last night, and see no signs of a restaurant opening. Does anyone have a more specific location in that shopping center?

  • Christina Hughes Babb

    In the southeast center, where Chase bank is.

  • Brian

    Which center will it be in at Audelia and Walnut Hill?