First a crash — and then a shot fired.

The Crime: Discharge of a firearm
Date: Wednesday, June 16
Time: 10 p.m.
Location: Abrams Parkway and Gaston

East Dallas resident Dawn Quiett was out for a fun night out with friends at the Cock and Bull Neighborhood Pub on Gaston. Little did she know, they would witness a crime that would grip the Dallas news cycle and land three police officers in hot water.

“We were all sitting outside, and at first we heard a crash,” she says of an automobile accident that took place at almost the exact time. “All of a sudden we heard a shot and someone yelling, ‘Put the gun down!’ right after that.’ ”

The incident allegedly was caused by Dallas Police Officer Kelly Beemer, who had been out at an East Dallas bar that night. Dallas Police officials say she became intoxicated, and an off-duty police officer attempted to assist her and drive her home in his personal car. Beemer fled and attempted to hide, police say. Two other on-duty officers, Miguel Jamaica and Zachary Helm, were able to get Beemer into a patrol car as they attempted to take her home. Another officer followed behind.

In a video of the incident, Beemer can be heard cursing in a slurred voice and telling the officer he needed to stop the car. When the car reaches the intersection of Abrams Parkway and Gaston, a muffled shot is heard, allegedly fired by Beemer into the floor of the patrol car. Police immediately exited the vehicle, yelling at her to drop the gun.

Quiett says she and her friends had no idea what was going on initially, and were surprised at the incident. They witnessed Beemer being put on the ground and handcuffed, she says.

“This part of the street is usually pretty quiet,” Quiett says. “We stood out there watching. We probably should have come inside, but we were curious. The whole thing was just scary strange for that area. It was just weird.”

Officers were able to disarm Beemer. She has been placed on administrative leave pending the results of an internal investigation. Jamaica and Helm also have been placed on restricted duty. Dallas Police officials say they are conducting a complete investigation of the events through the internal affairs division.

Beemer was charged with discharge of firearm in certain municipalities, a class A misdemeanor that could possibly land her in jail for a year, and up to a $4,000 fine.

“I am extremely disappointed by Officer Beemer’s conduct and the actions she took during this incident,” Chief David Brown said in a statement following the incident. “The recklessness she displayed is unacceptable conduct for a Dallas police officer, and will be dealt with in a manner consistent with the police department’s disciplinary process.

“I believe some of the involved officers were making what they believed to be a good faith effort to assist a fellow officer. However, they could have clearly determined that Officer Beemer was intoxicated to the point she was a danger to herself and the public, and made an arrest during their initial contact with her. The officers were trying to do the right thing, but did it in the wrong way.”

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