Give gift; get free chiropractic services

Summer is a pain in the back sometimes. You’ve got bored kids eating all the food in the house, 100-degree temps, vacations that cause more stress than they are worth, or worse, no vacation at all. Here are two things sure to stop your (OK, my) bellyaching:

Our city is full of kids who could use a nice gesture. So Hanks Chiropractic, located at 11411 East Northwest Hwy. #107, is hosting Christmas in July, July 19-31, to benefit the Community Partners of Dallas, a nonprofit that provides services to abused and neglected children. Bring an unwrapped gift to Hanks for them (during the above dates Mon.– Sat., 9 a.m. –noon and Mon. – Fri., 3 p.m .– 6 p.m.), and you’re sure to feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

But, it’s double good, because when you come in with that gift, you’ll get free chiropractic services—existing patients get a free adjustment, and new patients get a free spinal exam, two x-rays and therapy, a $160 value.

See below a list of suggested gifts:

Infant/Toddler – puzzles, board books, building blocks, stuffed animals, blankets, trucks, musical instruments, riding toys, push toys, baby dolls (all ethnicities), clothes

Children Ages 3-6 – baby dolls (all ethnicities), Barbies (all ethnicities), puzzles, books, developmental board games, arts and crafts sets, race tracks, legos, dress-up clothes, children’s videos, bikes, clothes

Children Ages 7-12 – board games, books, purses/wallets, art sets, boom boxes, sports equipment, barbies (all ethnicities), arts and crafts sets, journals, model car kits, clothes, bikes, jewelry

Teen Ages 13-18 – books, journals, bath and body gifts, make-up sets, sports equipment, purses/wallets, jewelry/watches, art supply kits, gift certificates to Wal-Mart or Target, DVD’s, MP3 Players, clothes

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