A few weeks ago, I stopped wearing flip-flops to work (OK, except for on Fridays). It all started when Jack Donaghy, a character on 30 Rock, declared his reasons for loving the shrewd bombshell Avery Jessup — “… she always wears high heels because, according to her, flat shoes are for quitters.”

Not true (though I hardly ever see Oprah in flats, now that I think of it), but something about the statement stuck with me, making the daily flip-flop habit feel like a wardrobe give-up.

Why is it that the shoes I wear tie in so closely to the way I feel (lightweight sandals make me sleepy; super-high heels make me feel powerful or incredibly awkward, depending on the setting; and my well-worn running shoes make me feel tough)? Maybe it’s because of the places they take me/have taken me/might take me. Whatever the answer, East Dallas resident Cynthia Salzman Mondell (featured years ago for her work on the documentary “A Fair To Remember”) explores the interesting dynamics of women and their shoes in her latest project, Sole Sisters. As part of a multimedia movie launch project, she’s looking for more stories about women and their shoes. If you have one to share, submit it on the Sole Sisters blog.

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