Weekly newspaper White Rocker out of business?

That’s what a concerned reader of the longtime paper came to our offices to tell us this morning. I called Jeannette Crumpler, whose new book we profiled in the June Advocate and who has freelanced for the White Rocker for the last 12 years, to ask if she knew whether the newspaper is still in business. She didn’t know, but she told me that publisher Retta Hanie had worried about the future of the newspaper when she lost her managing editor (a job listing for a new editor was posted in May 2009). Crumpler also mentioned that the 65-year-old White Rocker‘s circulation had “dropped drastically” when the White Rock Weekly recently came on the scene; the May 2009 listing mentions a circulation of 2,000 plus another 3,000 placed at local businesses.

I called both the main phone number for the White Rocker and another number Crumpler gave me, and both phone numbers were out of service. Though I haven’t seen a new edition of the White Rocker in some time, I don’t know whether that means the newspaper has indeed shut down, or whether there has simply been a phone number switch.

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  • Greg

    Charles, France is my mom and I am so grateful for these kind words which I will share with our entire family. What a sweet tribute you’ve written. I looked forward to your stories fondly every season and I will tell mom – who is doing well that you wrote this loving note. Sincere wishes of good health and good life for all. 

  • Charles R. Baker

    Retta Hanie owned the newspaper but a delightful woman named Frances Gunter was its heart and soul. Frances could charm the birds out of the trees, as the saying goes, and she could accomplish the even more difficult feat of charming advertising dollars out of struggling local businesses. She could smooth the ruffled feathers of the occasional irate subscriber and could convince you that your life is meaningless without a subscription to The White Rocker. Frances had a natural talent for proofreading, graphic design and layout, and her sense of humor could bend you double with laughter. Frances was The White Rocker and when illness forced her to retire the paper did not, could not recover from the loss. Those of us who were lucky enough to know her (I wrote the paper’s Christmas stories for ten years) miss her terribly.

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  • Keri Mitchell

    Thanks for responding, Nancy, and for letting us know the status of the archives. A couple of neighbors had emailed me in concern for their preservation, and will be happy to know the archives are safe.

  • Hi, Nancy Black here. I’m editor and co-owner of White Rock Lake Weekly. I thought I might be able to clear up the confusion.

    Andy Simpson and I started White Rock Lake Weekly on June 19, 2009, after five weeks of trying to revive The White Rocker with the help of its owner, Retta Hanie. But Retta decided she did not like the newer (color) version of her old paper and chose to let it fold. Recognizing the needs and desires of the community to have its own voice in town, we started our community newspaper.

    I’m proud to say we have successfully organized and sorted through all 64 years of The White Rocker archives left behind, which are rich with Dallas and White Rock Lake’s history, and will soon be donating the entire collection to the Dallas Public Library.

  • Amy Martin

    Over the last few years, people had approached the White Rocker to do a cooperative media enterprise, but the WR records were just too chaotic to do a business deal with. Also, the WR never really warmed up to email, requiring for a long time that press releases be mailed in or dropped off. As the area became more eclectic and modern, the WR stayed firmly in the ’50s. Still, I was sorry to see it go, ending publication earlier this year.

  • Mike Blanchette

    Part of the blame for the White Rocker loosing business is that the Post Office, under their “stream-lining” initiative, would deliver the newspaper around Wednesday of the following week. Didn’t help that the newspaper was telling its readers about upcoming event for the weekend and the Post Office couldn’t manage getting it into my mailbox in a timely manner. After 20 years of subscribing, I didn’t renew.