Detectives are looking for Jose “Pepe” Ayala, an East Dallas resident and the general manager of Javier’s in Uptown.

My parents who live in the Lochwood neighborhood told me yesterday that someone came to their door with a photo of Ayala and asked if they knew anything about his whereabouts. Ayala’s daughter hired a private detective after Dallas police closed the case.

“They basically told [my dad’s wife] that people leave their families every day and that it is not a crime,” says Carmen Ayala, Pepe’s 32-year-old daughter. “But not my dad,” she says, choking back tears. “He wouldn’t do that.”

He has worked at Javier’s for almost 30 years, she says, and has rarely missed a day of work, which made it so bizarre when he didn’t show up for his shift Wednesday, April 21.

Pepe’s car and keys, including those to his car, house and restaurant, were left at his Lochwood neighborhood home. None of his clothes were missing. Carmen also says that there has been no activity on his bank account.

Carmen says her father is diabetic and can be a bit careless about keeping up with his medication. “That concerns me a lot,” she says. 

If you have any information about Jose “Pepe” Ayala, contact Gomez Detective Agency 214.823.5600.

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