Is In-N-Out Burger looking for Dallas locations?

If you love celebrity burger stands, this will be welcome news: In-N-Out Burger is scouting the Dallas-Fort Worth market for possible restaurants. One of the locations being scouted is the former Steak ‘n Shake at Caruth Haven and Central Expressway, according to three commercial real estate sources.

In-N-Out, of course, is Hollywood’s answer to McDonald’s in that celebrities enjoy cruising the drive-thru and bragging about bagging items off a secret menu like "animal style" and "4×4" burgers. Its stores are located in the western U.S. (California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah) because that’s the part of the country where the company began. But that’s not to say that just about every other state wouldn’t welcome a few of the burger joints.

Dallas real estate people say In-N-Out has been energetically evaluating locations here, and if there was ever an opportunity to expand to Texas, this should be it. With the economy dropping commercial land prices into the tank and with location-savvy chains like Steak ‘n Shake dropping prime stores faster than the stock market fell last spring, it’s the perfect opportunity for a national powerhouse like In-N-Out to affordably expand to a new part of the U.S. Maybe it will be Dallas, maybe Houston, maybe Austin — more likely, the way In-N-Out handles distribution, it could be all three. Or it could simply be another state altogether.

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Anyway, here’s the less-than-definitive but not-exactly-a-denial word from In-N-Out its own self: "We frequently evaluate new (for us) markets and potential opportunities. The Dallas/Ft. Worth market is certainly very attractive, and it is definitely part of that long term evaluation. We have looked at several locations there, but it is way too early to speculate as to when we might be open or to try to get specific about a site. I’m sorry I can’t give you any more details at this time, but it is still very early in the process and we’re still pretty deep in the evaluation process."

Let the salivating begin.

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  • Northwest60

    So, In and Out is finally spreading into Texas. I feel sorry for Whataburger, having lived in the Dallas Area for a year I always said if In and Out expanded into Texas it would put Whataburger to shame. So get ready Whataburger the In and Out Chain is headed your way, with the best tasting hamburgers and fries made right on the premises. Not to forget their great tasting shakes, and homemade pink lemonade.

  • lakewoody

    Mixed feelings about In-N-Out here. I LOVE the place, the only fast food burger CHAIN (I exclude Burger House and Keller from that category) that I like better than Whataburger. So on that front, I am thrilled.

    The down side is that the requisite trip to In-N-Out is one of the few things that gets me excited about occasional required travel to LA . .

  • Steve

    Any follow up on this Rick? You can’t throw a bone out there like this and not have a follow up. I live on the M Streets and I’m thinking between Chik-Fil-E and In-n-Out the line of cars will snake down my street. I’m highly skeptical this comes to fruition though.

  • chris von danger

    Double Double Animal Style…Thats all you had to say. Id like to see In N Out setup shop here, that location is both high traffic day and night, not to mention their product is freshly made in-house, not frozen.

    IMHO, Steak N Shake is a total nightmare, both in their product and staff. The Caruth Haven location(next door to the wifes work) was always empty and had the worst staff of any restaurant.

  • Gloria

    In and out burger is an OK burger..I still prefer Keller’s on NW Hwy.

  • colinnwn

    I also agree In-N-Out is just a really good fast food burger. But it is much better than What-a-burger (my current favorite though the bread is too sweet and greasy), and Wendy’s (bland, doused up with lots of ketchup and mayo, frequently poorly constructed, and been on the warmer too long, but serviceable sustenance).

    I’ve only been to 1 Carl’s jr a long time ago, and as I recall it was kinda dirty and the food was just ok. In-N-Out off the strip in Vegas, and the one I went to in Cali has always been very clean with tasty burgers.

  • TheBinBigD

    What about the deliciously crisp fries? And don’t forget the grilled onions.

  • Patrick Carver

    In-n-out = very good! Ask them to scope out the corner of Abrams and Richmond please.

  • Rick C

    I just had my first one in Vegas a few weeks ago. It is a fast food burger, but a very good fast food burner. I ordered from the secret menu and enjoyed both the burger (animal style) and fries. It is so far superior to Wendy’s/Whataburger etc. I will say it is about par with Carl’s Jr. which is also a good fast food burger, however the atmosphere at In-n-Out is way better.

    If this turns out to be true, the service road near Chick-fil-a will be a nightmare.

  • Rick Wamre

    Stuart, you’re right ‘ it is Caruth Haven. Thanks.

  • amc

    I’m still mourning the loss of our Steak n Shake. It is still too soon to even think about getting a new puppy.

  • Stuart

    That’s Central and Caruth Haven.

  • CitizenKane

    My 2-cents: In-N-Out isn’t that good; in fact I rate it well below Whataburger and Wendy’s. Carl’s Jr., another west coast chain is superior.