Panty raid at Mockingbird Station

Thieves potentially plan to profit off the plethora of panties nabbed from Victoria’s Secret in Mockingbird Station, say police. According to this NBC5 piece last night, the so-called “lingerie larceny” is part of an organized crime scheme. 

And, just a random early morning musing … when I was in journalism school, I never imagined that, SOMEDAY I would — in my esteemed profession— begin a report with the words, "Panty raid …"

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  • Paula

    I have some experience in this area. I’ve had my panties (plural) stolen three times. Twice when I was in my 20s I came home to find my home turned upside down completely – I mean, every drawer emptied, every garment on the floor — and when I put it all back together so I could tell what was missing, it was all my underwear except flannels, cash, and jewelry. Turns out it was a 15-year-old what I like to call pre-rapist who lived in the neighborhood but never came face to face with. Six months later (him being a minor, the law didn’t have many options), just when I’d built up a new stock of underwear, he hit again and did the same thing – except this time something scared him off and I found a pillow case full of underwear in a nearby culvert. They finally put him in juvie, after I stormed the police station at 4 in the morning asking to talk to a juvenile detective. The kid had a sheet several pages long already. It sounds humorous now, but I was living in terror for many years after those incidents.

    The other time I got panties stolen (along with my Texas flag jogging shorts) was on vacation in Mexico, taken out of the hotel room. I’m thinking it’s possible this latest Victoria’s Secret larceny loot may also end up in Mexico. It’s perfectly undetectable contraband, and there is apparently a real market for it there.

  • christina

    i’m gonna pretend i didn’t read that, lee 🙂

  • Lee

    I understand that the evidence is skimpy.