Whole Foods announces opening date for Lakewood store

We’ve been hearing from the corporate office that the store would be open sometime in mid-March, but I learned today from spokeswoman Karen Lukin that the store’s official opening date will be Monday, March 2. "We’re so excited to be there that we’re moving the date up," Lukin says.

One of the new store’s features will be the Bluebonnet Barbecue, " where you can walk up and give your order to the pit boss and get house-made sausage and ribs and all the fixin’s," Lukin says, or grab a half or whole smoked chicken to go. The store will have other "uniquely neighborhood" features, she tells me, and we hope to let you know what those are later this week, so keep checking in with Back Talk.

The store on Greenville will be open and operating until Sunday night, March 1, and Lukin says that though the merchandise is starting to move over to the new store, the Greenville store should continue to have most of its regular selection of merchandise. "But if there are favorite items that you just must have today, then go ahead and get them," she encourages.

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We’ll be bringing you regular updates on Whole Foods Lakewood store details and grand opening activities — including a traditional and literal "breaking of the bread" ceremony with the neighborhood that apparently involves a 7-foot loaf of challah — as well of plenty of coverage in our March magazine, which will be delivered starting Feb. 19.

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  • mur

    I was told by an employee at the Greenville store that they received the Certificate of Occupancy from the city today. Things really are moving forward.

    It has been interesting to see how people who seemed so sad about the change a year ago are now very eager with anticipation. I’m looking forward to the new digs – not only it is closer to my house, most or all my favorite items will be back again.

  • mainbrain

    I’m waiting for the Sunflower to open where the old Carnival was on Henderson.

  • Gordon Kirkpatrick

    Very excited! This location will actually be closer to my house. Yea!
    I’m anxious for more info on the Dreyfus club re-building. Any news? How can we as citizens help?

  • Bob Loblaw

    I swear I have a tear in my eye. Now we can take out the kitchen, we’ll only need a little space for a microwave.

  • Will

    Any word yet on what might happen to the space where the Greenville WF is located now?