Office Depot on Gaston to close

Office Depot will close 112 "underperforming stores" including the very new location at Gaston near Baylor. Hmmm … note this Back Talk blog post last January in which Siegel extemporaneously ponders the "necessity of four office supply big boxes between City Place and Park Lane".

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  • chevytexas

    Finally! It was underperforming as a staff, not as a location. Few of us in retailing thought it would last 2008, but it does leave a Nice Big Box for Aldi’s or another midsize grocer who won’t have to spend too much to reconfigure it. Anyway, the whole center is for sale as was planned by the developers. It did a nice job of revitalizing, um, “some” of the neighborhood. There’s a perfectly good Internet cafe called Starbucks (not underperforming) across the street.

  • Matt

    While I am disappointed, I am not surprised. Even in a good economy, I thought this placement was a bit forward-thinking (i.e. too early). But I was glad to see someone taking a lead in what will eventually be a rejuvenated Gaston Avenue. I guess this rejuvenation will just take longer now as the economy recycles.

  • Ryly

    The location that’s under a year old?!? I can think of someone in the Office Depot Department of Making Decisions on New Locations that is also “underperforming.”

    I guess the only plus is that the store revitalized that entire corner. Maybe if they had put an Internet Cafe in the store, or something to differentiate themselves… What a shame.

  • Jeff Siegel

    Stop. You’re making me blush.