Car break ins at White Rock

Some crook(s) broke into my car at White Rock Lake, near the boathouse a little over a year ago — I can still get very agitated when I think or talk about it. So I can’t imagine how this woman, who had her car robbed two different times within a matter of weeks, once at Winfrey Point, must feel. According to the story, there has been "a rash" of break ins at the lake, though I haven’t seen — from skimming over police reports week to week — anything that out of the ordinary. It seems there are daily car break ins at the lake. Maybe if the White Rock Conservancy successfully gets this security camera program going, it will at least make the thugs think twice, who knows.

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  • christina

    Chuck-you don’t know how happy that makes me

  • Chuck Weidner

    I arrived early yesterday morning (6am) at WRL park (boathouse) and there was only 1 other vehicle there. I waited 30 minutes to run and after more cars showed up I ran a first lap and after 1 lap I found a Dallas Police car behind my truck arresting 2 suspects. After 4 more miles I returned to WRL park and the officer was towing the car and transporting the suspects to jail. This was a good feeling knowing that the DPD was checking the area and preventing crime.

  • Bob

    Crime Reports showed 4 on one night recently–I believe it was the 8th.