In the middle of the dining room table sits a large wire globe, somewhat resembling an odd birdcage or even a bingo cage. But instead of a bird or numbered balls inside, a propeller lies horizontally and spins clockwise. This is just one of the many unique fans Paul Pierson owns. Pierson, who has so far collected more than 100 fans and has no intention of stopping, became interested in the metal appliances when he dropped one of his grandmother’s antique fans. He visited The Fan Man in Lakewood Shopping Center to have it repaired and came across wall-to-wall vintage fans. “The antique beauty and ingenuity is what immediately caught my attention,” Pierson says. “Back then they weren’t just appliances; people and companies put time and beauty into their products.” Today, vintage fans are displayed throughout his Lakewood home, in addition to his fan “museum” in the basement. Bought from friends, other collectors or eBay, the fans are “in detailed, original condition, not restored,” which is how he likes them. The year 1898 is when his oldest fans were made. And that’s not all — in his fan museum of a home, Pierson also exhibits a vintage collection of toasters, light bulbs and microphones.

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