Deals and Finds: This neighbor says he can help us get ’em

Looking to purchase a camera, TV, lawn mower … inflatable waterslide-kiddie pool? If you’re like me you research significant purchases online before buying. But it’s crowded out there in cyberspace, and tough to tell what’s true, what’s not, what’s advertising, what’s not, what’s outdated, and so forth, when it comes to seeking product information. One of our Lakewood-area neighbors, Steve Cospolich, along with three of his buddies, started up this site called about a year or so ago — I wrote about them when they launched but not in the Advocate, hence, no link — and it’s now going strong.

Here’s the origin of the business in Steve’s words, "We were sick and tired of trying to filter through tons of forum threads to find the information needed to make an informed purchase. We noticed those other deal sites offer very poor search capability, and always have a boatload of duplicate deal entries. These sites didn’t seem to be putting their users first."

Now Steve and friends offer a relatively user-friendly site that promises to ban stores that give poor customer service and not give advertisers preference in their listings. So if you’re in the market for stuff, check out DeaLoco first — and if you’re not happy, you know who to look for … right Steve?

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