Sustainability — the ability to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future — is the credo by which Anna Clark lives her life.

Clark owns the second LEED-approved (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) house in Dallas, and owns her own company, Earth People, but she wasn’t always an advocate for going green. Her interest arose from her love for animals.

“Over the years, I read up and followed stories out of interest and began to notice how everything contributed differently, but they all connected to our earth,” she says. “Making a difference starts with me and where I am.”

Now, after years of following stories and collecting clippings, Clark’s Lakewood home and lifestyle embody “sustainability”.

From the concrete floors to florescent light bulbs, plus refurbished furniture, wind-powered energy and eco-friendly wall paint, her house promotes and upholds the green movement. Living green is in line with her home and her business, which she runs out of her home so she does not have to commute and pollute.

“Anna is doing a great service to the community,” says Alan Hoffmann, who built Clark’s green home and owns the Alan Hoffmann Company. “No one fully understands what it means to go green, and she is helping people stay on track. It is really important and necessary to incorporate sustainability in business operations, and she is helping with just that.”

Earth People, Clark’s sustainability consulting company, is dedicated to teaching all sorts and sizes of businesses to go green in different ways and helping save them money at the same time.

“There are all kinds of ways companies can change what they do; even switching to florescent light bulbs can make a huge difference,” Clark says.

“I go in there and teach them, and then either provide them with the services to help, or they can go out and do it on their own.”

Clark says she is trying to rewrite what it means to live well.

“I have lived in a big house and been a big consumer; now, I just do not need that or want to do that anymore. I can now be creative and live a better life for me and the environment.”

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