My column in the July magazine looked at the Mockingbird issue through a decidedly local perspective: How our local officials, faced with an easy way to score points with voters, didn’t. Hardly anyone spoke out on the issue, which had tremendous ramifications for Dallas. And why didn’t they? Because that would have meant paying attention to the voters, something that they’re not all that excited about these days.

Two other notes to the story, the first from the cabbie who drove me home from Love Field on Friday (complete with $1.50 fuel surcharge). I’m sure glad they decided not to toll Mockingbird, he said without me even asking. How hard would that have been on me?

And, if you had read the Park Cities newspaper owned by our friends at plastic surgery’s favorite local magazine, you would have learned that tolling Mockingbird was never a serious proposal, but rather was sensationalized by the media: "Highland Park town officials are fighting back against ‘twisted’ reports that they are looking to charge non-resident drivers to use Mockingbird Lane."

Twisted, indeed.

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