To the editor:

Now that Whole Foods has “backed down,” I hope that you and others who have been so critical will think about ways we can repair the reputation of our community. I agree with Jeff Siegel’s view (“Last Word”, March Advocate) that Whole Foods will leave as soon as practicable. When they depart, I further predict that the vacant site will be a lengthy reminder that business always has the option not to invest when the regulatory climate creates what they consider to be undue delay.

While (Siegel) places the entire blame on Whole Foods, the fact is that too many in our community displayed an anti-business bias that will discourage investment in our immediate area for many years. There is a way to express concerns without the heated rhetoric displayed in the aforementioned editorial. The people who wanted to force Whole Foods to change their concept have “won.” Hopefully, we can now find ways to be constructive.

-Janice and Allen Lackey

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