You might have seen them at the Fourth of July parade, the Street Dance, or perhaps just out and about around town — a group of girls sporting 1940s-style dresses and hairdos. Don’t worry, you didn’t miss a massive shift in popular culture (although vintage is pretty hip these days). You just stumbled upon the “Lakewood Calendar Girls.” Who are these daring mistresses launching a blast from the past in our neighborhood? Here’s the skinny: The are promoting a calendar being produced by Lakewood ’s own Julie Buckner (a 1997 Woodrow grad) and her new company, Hemline Productions. Buckner, 27, launched her project last December with the help of her team: Chad Windham of Windham Photo, stylist Lindsay Weatherread of Link Artist Resources, and hair stylists Lee Ann Lage and Sarah Walker of Rocket Science Salon. The calendar debuts in early November.


Q: You created Hemline Productions specifically for this project. How did you come up with the idea, and why pin-up?

For years, I’ve been drawn to the classic beauty of ’40s and ’50s women’s fashion and coquettish pin-up images. In contrast to contemporary portrayals of the female form, the ladies in my calendar are alluring without being exposed — something that is all too rare with the icons of today.


Q: How did you find the models?

We held casting calls at ‘s studio 500X, specifically requesting Lakewood ladies. We wanted spokesmodels to aptly represent the era and the neighborhood.


Q: Why is it so important to you to have the calendar completely Lakewood specific?

I am a lifetime resident of Lakewood and am extremely proud of our "small town" amidst a big city. I admire the reverence for history our residents have and wanted to highlight the unique character of the area.


Q: What are some of the locations for the photos?

Well, I knew that I wanted Lakewood and White Rock Lake locations. Some were obvious choices — the Lakewood Country Club, the Lakewood Theater and the Cultural Bathhouse. Others were scouted out once the details of the shot were established. For instance, we wanted to shoot in an Italian restaurant — we chose Angelo’s for its atmosphere. We envisioned a girl preening in front of a vanity — the Lakewood Furniture Company immediately came to mind.


Q: What is your favorite spot in Lakewood ?

The Lakewood Theater, especially since Mark Lee and his team took over. They have worked so hard to keep our ever-important beacon tower lit.


Q: What are your plans for the future and Hemline Productions? Will you do any more calendars?

Yes, there may be more calendars. We will further explore publishing ideas for The Lakewood Calendar Girls — such as books and posters. Also, Hemline Productions is involved with event planning, product promotions and fashion shows.


Q: Word has it there’s going to be a party and fashion show once the calendar has been released. Details?

The Lakewood Calendar will be released in early November, and our unveiling party is Saturday, Nov. 26, 8 p.m., at the Lakewood Theater. We will have a fashion show featuring designs by Lindsay Weatherread and other local designers. Our entertainment includes the local band The Boys Named Sue. Ten percent of the proceeds from the calendar will benefit DOT, a local charity. Garments showcased in the calendar photo shoots, as well as posters of the models, will be auctioned off throughout the evening. We expect a big turnout.


Q: One more question. Are you in the calendar? If so, what month will you be and where did you have your photo taken?

Yes, I am in the calendar. I am Miss August, and I was shot at my house on Mercedes

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