White wines that pair well with sushi

Pairing wine with sushi isn’t difficult, since most white wines complement sushi quite well. The one thing to avoid are those rich Chardonnays.

“The one thing you don’t want to do is to fall into that buttery tasting trap,” says Randy McLaughlin, the director of fine wines for Sigel’s. “That doesn’t go well with sushi at all. The wines that work with sushi are the same wines that you’d want to drink with oysters and mussels.”

Consider the following the next time sushi is on the menu – and serve each well chillded:

Fetzer Gewurztraminer 2000 ($7)

A more than decent wine that demonstrates that huge multi-nationals (the company that owns Fetzer also owns Jack Daniels) can produce drinkable, inexpensive bottles. Off-dry, and not sweet like a white zinfandel.

Chateau St. Jean Fum Blanc 2000 ($12)

This California wine offers sharp, acidic flavor that cuts through sushi. Drink it welled chilled.

Echelon Viognier ($14)

Traditionally, California Viogniers have been too floral, almost sweet,  and that’s not good with sushi. This new-style vintage, on the other hand, is less soft and is a much better match.

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