One our stories this months looks at what neighborhood children are thinking during this month of Thanksgiving. It’s gratifying to read how genuinely important other people are in the lives of these children.

One person can still make a difference, these kids say, and favorite teachers, grandparents, neighbors and parents are doing so every day.

It’s also interesting to note how much – or how little – the World Trade Center tragedy and its aftermath appear to be troubling these children. In some of their writing, the events are mentioned, but few children appear to be dwelling in the tragedy. Since children tend to think and act like their parents, it’s reasonable to conclude that most of us are acting rationally and conveying this rationally to our children.

Another story this month looks at the growing number of new homes being built in the middle of some of our neighborhoods.

On one hand, new construction shows how desirable our neighborhood has become. But new homes plopped in the middle of the street of older homes also are unsettling – we’re here because we like it here, not because we are ready to turn our neighborhood to Plano South.

I hope you’ll discuss this story a bit with your neighbors, and let us know what you think.

Speaking of new construction, perhaps you’ve noticed that a new Walgreen’s drug-store is getting ready to pop up across Matilda on Mockingbird from Stonewall Jackson Elementary. A strip center perhaps best known for its KFC location soon will be gone, replaced by the new drugstore.

And even farther down Greenville Avenue, Blockbuster reportedly will be our sometime during the next few months, and Whole Foods Market reportedly is expanding its store to encompass the entire strip center at Greenville and Belmont.

Perhaps not so coincidentally, H.E.B.’s new Central Market grocery store has broken ground at Lovers and Greenville, with a projected spring opening. Central Market can be expected to give Whole Foods a run for its money when it comes to specialty items, gourmet foods and the like.

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