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I’ve been boasting in this space about Woodrow’s National Merit Scholars. In addition to the four I mentioned, 12 more were recognized as commended students. Another, Eloy Zamora, was named a National Merit Hispanic Scholar.Among those commended were ’99 grads you know such as Shirley Armstrong, Heather Black, Elizabeth Clore, Amy Gaspard, Elias Glenn, Brennan Greef and John Hoffman. The class won almost one million dollars in scholarships — about $4000 per senior— and graduates were accepted to some of the some of the nation’s best universities:Tufts, Vanderbilt, Boston College, Washington “Wash U ” in St. Louis, TCU, Baylor, Tulane, Rochester, Southwestern, Smith, Trinity and, my favorite, Southern Methodist. Alberto Garcia, third ranking senior, won a scholarship to MIT.You might know him as the hardest worker at Gloria’s Restaurant.

As if 17 National Merits were not enough good news, athletics reached yet another zenith, placing in the top 10 of all north Texas schools in all-sports competition. We placed ahead of 72 other high schools in AAAA and scored more points than all but four AAAAA high schools. The Wildcats won 12 district titles this year!

I’ve been told I “scooped” the News on the Gaston apartment revival.Also the “Fashion Dallas” section listed Gaston Ave Apartments as “in” in its anniversary issue. Steven Cargile ’82, new inductee to the Woodrow hall of fame and Disney Designer called to say that such ’50s and ’60s apartments have been hot in LA for some time. So are homes of the space age —”MID-Century Architecture.” “Some people have to have all the furniture and will restore a Ford Fairlane to park in front,” reports Steven. He also says some of the designs he made for EuroDisney, MGM Universal Studios in Florida, and Tomorrow Land renovations at Disneyland and World were based on his love of our very own Fair Park.

Relieved that the Albertson’s brouhaha is over is Paul DiCarlo ’77.He runs Jimmy’s Foods at Bryan and Collette, which would have been across fromwhere the Grocery Goliath wanted to build. Jimmy’s is known among the cognoscenti as the place to buy Italian Sausage. And he’s married to class of ’78 reunion organizer and everybody’s”Sweetheart of the Week”Annette Silvas DiCarlo.

My personal feelings on the Albertson’s controversy — I’m with Dorothy Savage and daughter Virginia McAlester on anything — the duo has done many good deeds for East Dallas.And I feel the new Haskell Boulevard will be a much better location for such”Big-Box” behemoths — maybe even a Lowe’s or Home Depot as well.

I got a great response to “East Dallas Etiquette” and yes, I do know some nice attorneys — one on Meadow Lake and one on Merrimac. If you would like to submit your gems such as “We don’t run red lights like they do in North Dallas”please mail, e-mail or fax them to the Advocate.

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