It’s time to vote for the neighborhood candidate of your choice. Unfortunately, U.S. Rep. Sam Johnson (Class of 1948) has suffered the loss of our area in congressional redistricting. He is the fourth U.S. congressman from Woodrow Wilson High School, which I think doubles our Heisman record.

Two neighborhood candidates are running against each other for a Texas House seat this month. Former school board member and Texas Rep. Harryette Ehrhardt, whose five children graduated from Woodrow, is running for re-election against Hollywood/Santa Monica resident Ernest Leonard. Harryette also attended Stonewall Jackson Elementary.

Watching the political conventions this summer reminded me of when I volunteered on the floor for the National Republican Convention in 1984. It gave me a chance to meet several famous figures, including Trammel Crow, ’32. As I showed Mr. Crow and Woodrow grad and convention organizer the late Dorothy Brown Herkimer to their seats, I remarked that I had attended the same two schools – Woodrow and SMU.

“None finer,” Mr. Crow said,.

Woodrow on TV

Yes, that is Spanish teacher Betty Parrett’s classroom in the Pizza Hut/Texas Stadium 25th anniversary television commercial, which recently started airing. Parrett earned the prime bay-window classroom for her lengthy tenure at our school – 29 years. But who’s counting?

Doesn’t that make Texas Stadium antiquated by suburban standards? Looks like a tear-down to me.

World War II Memories

Joe Depoma, a Wildcat’s Wildcat, passed away this summer. He attended Woodrow in the early ‘40s and was a veteran of World War II. He also graduated from SMU and became a CPA.

Speaking of World War II, I recently visited Pearl Harbor and noticed the ironic presence of two Japanese ships docked directly across from the U.S. Arizona memorial. I suppose I should be happy that we have come so far in nearly 55 years, but I couldn’t help wonder what those men in their watery grave would think about this.

I’m curious as to whether there were any Woodrow grads present for the dastardly attack. If anyone has any information about this, please send it to me by Nov. 7 for December’s issue.

Also, it has come to my attention that Big Tex’s (Jim Lowe’s) kids graduated from Woodrow. Can anyone give me the names and classes?

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