Lakewood Country Club recently celebrated its 80th anniversary in style – with champagne flowing and music playing. Club members gathered to recall the good old days and share recollections over Sunday brunch and a special oversized birthday cake.

Candles, roses and silver accented the airy dining room where members reminisced about the old Lakewood and what might be on the horizon.

Club members attribute the club’s atmosphere to manager Sally Burns Rambo, who came to Lakewood 16 years ago from Eastern Hills Country Club. Since Rambo’s arrival, membership has grown from 500 to more than 1,300 members. Rambo recently was recognized as the second woman in history of the Club Managers Association to be elected and re-elected to the National Board of Directors.

Under Rambo’s guidance, many changes and improvements have taken place, including the addition of a workout room with a 10-station exercise unit, bikes, treadmills and other new equipment. The swimming pool also has been renovated at a cost of $50,000.

Built in 1912, Lakewood was then considered “way out in the country.” A small group of men assembled Oct. 22, 1912, to incorporate and become known as the club “organized to support and maintain the ancient game of gold and other innocent sports.”

“The club is still mainly geared toward golf,” says Ken Moore, a 35-year Lakewood member. “It always was. Thirty-five years ago, I believe there was even more serious dedication to the game out here, more men’s and women’s tournaments.

“Now there’s a lot of tennis, and in the past three years or so, many young people have joined the club. It used to be that everyone knew everyone else, but it can’t be like that forever.”

And what does a membership cost, you ask? Initiation fees range from $3,000 for a “social membership” to $20,000 for a full golf membership; monthly dues also are charged, depending on the membership classification.

What’s on the horizon for Lakewood? Rambo and new president Garry Black say they are planning new programs for children and senior citizens. Other events include the President’s Ball, fireworks on the Fourth of July, Easter Bunny pictures and rides on Santa’s sleigh, pony rides, holiday parties and a monthly Shrimp Peel.

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