They say the wheels of progress turn slowly – anyone involved with the City of Dallas’ curbside-pickup recycling program won’t argue.

Despite the City’s intent to initiate the program this month, at this writing, the program remains in the “contract negotiation” stage. Translation: The program won’t begin until later February or March.

Meanwhile, patience has its virtues, but if your recycling bins at home look like mine, your patience is wearing thin.

Luckily, we have neighborhood igloos for glass and aluminum cans, and private centers for other recyclables.

United Paper, 300 N. Oakland (one block south of Gaston near Baylor), remains the best location for recycling newspaper, chipboard, cardboard, computer paper and junk mail. A newly installed dumpster near the entrance makes drop-off easier.

Area grocery stores still accept plastic and paper grocery sacks. Kroger also accepts plastic milk jugs, soft drink bottles and water containers.

Garland Recyclers, 201 S. Shiloh (one block north of Forest), is a few blocks from HyperMart. It’s not exactly in the neighborhood, but the company accepts almost everything: glass (brown and clear, sorted), tin cans, steel cans, and all plastics labeled “1” or “2” on the bottom. They pay for aluminum, copper, brass, car batteries and stainless steel. Call 276-9965 for information.

Several suburbs already offer curbside pickup, so if you have family or friends in DeSoto or University Park, pay them a visit with your recyclables.

If you don’t receive the curbside program subscription flyer in your Water Utilities bill, call the City’s recycling office (670-4475) for information.

And don’t let the City’s process “trash” your recycling efforts: With a little patience and few extra trips to collection centers, we can remain environmentally friendly until the curbside program begins.

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