This month, let’s talk about Old Wives’ Tales versus Cat Facts – some widely known, some you may not have heard.

There are more than 63 million domesticated cats in the United States, compared with 54 million domesticated dogs. Cats are gaining in popularity due to their more flexible lifestyles and because ours have become more hectic.

My calico, Elsa, adopted me four months ago. Until that time, I had been a “dog person.” But Elsa has been a delight, and I encourage everyone with an animal-void in their life to consider adopting a cat or kitten form an animal shelter – you’ll be saving a life.

Now, try to identify the Old Wives’ Tales and the Cat Facts.

• All cats like fish. (Old Wives’ Tale) There is no universal food for cats. It is rare, though, for cats to like sweets.
• Chocolate is dangerous for cats. (Cat Fact) Even small amounts can cause chocolate toxicosis, a potentially fatal condition.
• “To kiss a black cat will make you fat. To kiss a white cat will make you lean.” (What do you think?)
• A large percentage of blue-eyed white cats are deaf. (Cat Fact)
• Cats always land on their feet. (Old Wives’ Tale) If cats fall a short distance, they may twist and turn to land on their feet. Falling from significant heights is a different story. Please leave windows closed to avoid a cat-astrophe!
• Cats certainly do not have nine lives. (Cat Fact) However, cats can live up to 25 to 30 years. The average life span ranges from 10 to 20 years.
• Cats can see in the dark. (Old Wives’ Tale) A cat cannot see any better in total darkness than a human. In dim light, however, a cat’s vision is keen.
• A cat, or even a kitten for that matter, should never be picked up by the scruff of the neck. (Cat Fact) Don’t copy the mother – she’s holding her cargo close to the ground. Humans should always use two hands; hold cats close to you so they feel secure.
• Cats become fat and lazy following spaying or neutering. (Old Wives’ Tale) Cats generally become fat from eating too much and failing to get enough exercise.

SPCA of Texas Wish List

Can you or your company provide some of the following items to help care for our pets: rubbing alcohol, cotton-tip applicators, cotton balls, stainless food and water bowls, trash bags, deck brushes, toys, laundry soap, puppy food, kitten food, dog and cat food.

Help Needed

The SPCA needs a groomer, either as a volunteer or staff position. If you can spend an hour or two making our dogs and cats feel more at home, please call Steve at 651-9611.

We also need help manning our booth at the State Fair this fall. Please call Michelle at 651-9611.

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