Transportation activists in neighborhoods adjoining North Central Expressway were pleased by the DART Board’s recent decision to dig a deep-bore tunnel for Central’s alignment south of Mockingbird Lane, rather than the originally-proposed transitway “box tunnels.”

The Board apparently was convinced by the estimated $28 million lower price tag and the ease with which the Cole Park drainage tunnel has been drilled through Dallas’ underlying limestone. In addition, the deep-bore tunnel is expected to take less time to complete.

Many were puzzled by vehement opposition to the tunnel by some City Council members. However, after the Board’s vote and release of supporting polls, the Board and Council appear to be moving toward reconciliation.

Zoning status updates: a hearing on Bryan Area Planned Development District (PD) amendments is scheduled August 29; and a hearing on Deep Ellum PD amendments is scheduled September 19. Contact the City Planning Department, 670-4209, for more information.

The continuing saga of Council redistricting appears to be near an end, to the relief of almost everyone. East Dallas and Lakewood appear to have fared well in maintaining cohesive “communities of interest” in particular Council districts.

Most of Old East Dallas (generally, west of Abrams and south of the Santa Fe railway tracks) will join Oak Lawn in Councilwoman Lori Palmer’s district, while Greenland Hills, Lakewood, and areas to the north and east remain in Councilman Glenn Box’s district.

Drawing the Council district boundary lines was controversial, with both incumbent and aspiring Council members taking great interest in the outcome. An October election under the new system appears increasingly likely, leading to a Council almost certain to have seven new members and a new mayor.

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