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The 1,200-acre reservoir is bursting with small marvels, uncommon adventures and profound manifestations.

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High-tech hunting game participants have a different perspective on our neighborhood

With enough funds to allow significant development, the Dallas Women’s Foundation backs organizations helping teenage parents, mothers in recovery and abused children

Virginia Chandler Dykes, who lived more than 30 years in Lakewood, was a child when her parents died in a car accident, and her grandparents ultimately raised her.


Addie the beagle was rescued by her mom, Holly Thomas

Gather old maternity clothes; put your high school diploma to the test; and cultivate your crayon skill

St. Patrick's Day parade; 'A wrinkle in time' the play; Dallas Blooms; and much more

Wily coyotes, road kill-relishing possums and shifty armadillos explained


Alfonso's Italian Restaurant; Scalini's Pizza and Pasta; Angelo's Spaghetti House; and Prego Pasta House


Texas wine is gaining respect

True Crime

The tiny dog prevented a big crime. The Victim: Erich and Delene Ephraim Date: Saturday, Feb. 12 Time: 5 a.m. Location: 9500 block of Mossridge It was a cold morning,

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Trader Joe's update; Beck's Prime opening; and The Lot

Lakewood shopping center could be so much more than status quo Are we ready for the redevelopment of the Lakewood shopping center — a West Village-style re-do using the iconic

Looking back on my life in glasses

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Donut dash, book review and for kicks

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New kick for St. Patrick's Parade; weekly adult education classes at the Dallas Arboretum; and Woodrow swim teams