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Barber, retailer, grocery store manager, UPS delivery man, cashier — these neighbors are ordinary people. But, oh boy, do they have stories to tell.

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Tracy Hamblen lives in an apartment building on Live Oak recently purchased by the nonprofit. If not for his little room, he says he would be lost.


Buy something from Soap Hope and help reduce poverty.

Dachshund Greta Van Susteren makes her entrance into Lakewood Theater at the 2010 Oscars party.

Kevin Ruben Jacobs opened the gallery last June in an old building at 209 S. Peak, hoping to present shows that challenge the viewer.

As part of renovations at Woodrow Wilson High and J.L. Long Middle, Potter Art is refurbishing the light fixtures they installed in the 1930s.

'Bring It On', the wildly popular movie about competitive cheerleading, has made its way to Broadway and now to Dallas.

Step up to the purple house on Bell Ave, and you'll catch the scent of incense through Labyrinth Metaphysical Herbal Apothecary's screen door.

Last month, Lakewood Elementary School counselor Lydia Dickson invited about a dozen Lakewood alumni to visit fourth- and fifth-grade classrooms. The Lakewood students asked a lot of questions: Why did


Flavored pancakes include strawberry, chocolate chip, blueberry, Hawaiian and banana nut topped with bananas, pecans and caramel syrup.


Don’t dismiss a wine just because it doesn’t have a cork. Screwcap, Tetrapak, box ... The type of closure is no longer a reflection of quality. These wines show just

True Crime

The alarm didn't sound.

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I don’t spend a lot of time wondering what it would be like to be rich, but I have to admit it does cross my mind from time to time.

Saying "I love you" is not a matter of passing information; it's a matter of making the information matter. Every time you speak it, it becomes truer and realer. So,

Paperbacks Plus recently moved from La Vista, where it has been located since 1994, to the Lochwood area, next to Casa Linda Bakery. Owner John Tilton says the bookshop also

And when you consider it could have opened anywhere in Dallas, that says something.

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Mount Auburn Elementary celebrated its 90th anniversary Jan. 6. The school originally opened on Jan. 2, 1921, with 12 teachers and 375 students.

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Bill Cochran of Lakewood created a Super Bowl commercial for Bridgestone called “Reply All,” and it ranked No. 3 on Time magazine’s list of best TV ads of 2011. Cochran