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When people ask Pothier what they can do to help support her in her fight against breast cancer, she gives the same answer every time: “Please get your mammogram.”

The pressure is intense come Oct. 31. Neighbors estimate that 3,000 to 4,000 children and their parents descend on the historic district each year, and for some residents, participation is

He showed up at their house wearing a Dallas Police uniform and immediately began casing the home.

"Reading and running are my great passions, and when I’m running, I’m thinking of the novels I’m giving my students, what I’m going to say about them. That’s my life.”

Concentrating on the “Mona Picasso” painting in front of her, 6-year-old Allison attempts to sketch her own version of the portrait created by local artist Jo Moncrief.

Several years ago, John Killian’s youngest son, Sam, was diagnosed with Duchenne, the most common form of muscular dystrophy.

We’ve been arguing for months about a parkway, where it will be located, how many lanes and exits it will or won’t have, and whether we need it to solve


We sat down with Hardie to find out how he went from hitting green balls to working with green energy.

Former Club Dada owner Doak Boettiger doesn’t book concerts anymore, but he can still book a great party — for the kids.

Since his fried Coke won the Big Tex Choice Award for most creative food at last year’s State Fair of Texas, the reaction has come from all sides for Gonzales.

Nineteen-year-old Stringer usually dances by himself, though it’s not because of rejection from cute girls.


The man wears a rimmed hat and visits the restaurant about once a week.

True Crime

When a man poked a gun against the back of neighborhood resident Carmen Mendoza as she walked to her car, she learned that, no matter what threat loomed, she wasn’t

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A recently published book cataloging 66 years worth of correspondence chronicles her deep struggle with doubt throughout her entire ministry.

“They have to be able to convince people that if they don’t go with what’s on the table, then there will be nothing there, that the Trinity will be a