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Standing in her grandfather’s shadow, seven-year-old Mary Poss kept a firm grip on the fishing pole, poised and ready for glory as the waters of White Rock Lake glinted in

When the time came for his first issue as editor of the Woodrow Wilson student newspaper, Tim Berry decided to step outside the school’s immediate borders and take a

For more than 10 years, Boyd has been photographing the area around the lake and has been asked to display his portraits as part of the Earth Daly Celebration at

Rick Leggio bought a pair of stereo speakers in 1984, and the rest is history.


You will find dishes with familiar-sounding names, to be sure, but expect to be pleasantly surprised by the difference in the flavorings.


Most people don’t think about it, but there are some intriguing — and inexpensive — wines that complement enchiladas, fajitas, and the like.

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Nelson Mandela will be numbered among the 20th century’s great lights. He spent 28 dark years in a South African prison for opposing the all-white, iron-fisted rule of his country’s

The idea that service on the City Council is a part-time avocation, analogous to sitting on a corporate board of directors with a minimal per-meeting stipend to match, has been

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