Food news: Halal Guys and Slater’s 50/50 opening on Greenville and more

Halal Guys will be the first retail tenant at Vue Greenville apartment complex

Halal Guys started as a New York City food truck and when it opened its first Dallas location on Lemmon Avenue last year, it developed an immediate cult-like following. Despite opening in the heat of a Texas July, patrons stood for up to two hours to taste the eatery’s signature chicken and rice, with its famed white sauce.

Now, the franchise has a new location opening at 1811 Greenville, making it the first retail tenant of the Vue Greenville apartment complex. No word yet on when the American Halal restaurant will open, although they are hiring. The business is seeking a zoning exemption that would allow it to maintain its signature late-night hours. The site sits in PD 691, which restricts the hours a business can operate in an effort to limit the number of bars and rowdy late-night venues in the neighborhood. Halal Guys, represented by East Dallas zoning consultant Rob Baldwin, have asked for an exception to those restrictions, along with a special use permit that would allow it to operate between midnight and 3 a.m. The business does not serve alcohol.

The Greenville site is just the latest in a string of new locations Halal Guys plan to open in Dallas. According to a press release, a total of 10 franchises are coming to the metroplex, and the business is “seeking sites in mass gathering areas like airports, train stations, malls and neighborhoods with a significant late-night demand.”

Slater's 50/50 will open in the old Greenville Bar & Grille location. (Photo by by Emily Charrier)
Slater’s 50/50 will open in the old Greenville Bar & Grille location. (Photo by by Emily Charrier)

Just up the street, another national chain will open up shop this May. Slater’s 50/50 – Burgers by Design is a California franchise famed for its burger made from 50 percent beef, 50 percent pure, unadulterated bacon. The bar boasts more than 100 beers on draught, along with day-drinking deals like $4 pints from 11 a.m.-6 p.m. It’s taken over the space at 2817 Greenville, once occupied by the historic Greenville Bar and Grille, where the iconic neon sign still sits. The location is prime real estate, across the street from The Grape and next door to Dodie’s.

Monster Yogurt in Casa Linda Plaza celebrates its fifth anniversary in business with a month of celebrations. They’ll be giving away free swag, birthday parties and, of course, frozen yogurt throughout March. Get in on the action by following them on Facebook.

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  • My fingers aren’t broken screamingmimi. You made the allegations, so it’s on you to prove them up. Thanks for the extra info.

  • screamingmimi
  • Du-Oh

    Very underwhelmed by Halal Guys. Eaten there twice and food was bland and thrown together; kinda gave me the impression of a food truck without wheels. I guess if you’re drunk at 2 a.m., it will hit a spot, but there are far better middle eastern spots to choose from. They won’t last if they don’t improve their food.

  • Screamingmimi, we’re going to need some more details to verify everything you’re saying. Can you please provide them? Thanks.

  • screamingmimi

    DO NOT visit or eat at Halal Guys. Sure it just sounds like another “ethnic” eatery, but the truth about halal is much more…disturbing. A certain religious group believe that torturing an animal before slaughter produces a more tender, flavorful type of meat. As well you are giving your money to a people who care little to nothing about the laws, rules and regulations of this country; in fact they are bent on destroying it. So think before you eat.